Stretching out over 747,956 acres of land amidst the Sierra Nevada mountain range lies Yosemite National Park, home to giant sequoia pines, rushing rivers and waterfalls, meadows, and many creatures great and small.
Having come here once before, 5 years ago, i was eager to return to experience all the beauty again and in a new season. Last time i was there it was Autumn, it was peaceful, the busy summer season was through, but most of the waterfalls had already dried up so i missed out on seeing them. This time however we would be able to see the waterfalls in full force with all the ice and snow melting rapidly as the weather warmed up. 
We spent 4 days in the park and were thankful to have perfect weather (the week before it was still snowing, making for very cold and icy hiking and driving conditions). 
We stayed in the rustic Curry Village, in a wooden framed tent covered with canvas. 

~ The changing lights throughout the day ~
Camp Curry in the morning, afternoon and night.

During our stay Jacob and I explored the Valley Floor, walking under the amazing dense pine forests, next to river and creek sides and through lush meadows. We also took a hike up to two different waterfalls, the first Vernal Falls and the second Nevada falls. The trail was over 7 miles long and had an elevation gain of 2,000 ft, which was by far the biggest climb either of us had ever done, taking us about 6 hours to tackle the steep, winding and often slippery tracks. It was such a rewarding hike, giving us such a good perspective of both waterfalls and the beautiful surroundings we were in. 

~ Our hike to Vernal and Nevada Falls ~


  ~ The valley floor ~

~ Photography contributions ~
Jacob Smith
( Instagram @feltipern )


  1. Oh my goodness, it looks so beautiful! Hope Ken has been enjoying the adventure too xx