2 wonderful weeks in the Californian sun had gone by, and it was time to move onto the east coast. We began our eastern adventure in Connecticut visiting my lovely Grammy who I hadn't seen for many years. 
Connecticut was a beautiful place to visit with dense forests, deers roaming freely, creeks, rivers and amazing houses and properties from the 17th century. Although we were only there for a few days we experienced literally all weather conditions....we had a day of torrential wind and rain, followed by a night of snow then to a picturesque sunny day. It was also one of the coldest places I had been too, barely reaching over 5 degrees in the day and plummeting below freezing in the nights. Even my warmest coat I brought over didn't help keep me warm. 
It was a short, sweet and peaceful trip, before we entered the madness of New York City.

As we wandered through the forest, in the freezing cold, I did a quick shoot of my lovely man.
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  1. Beautiful post sweetheart and tell Jacob he has the most lovely eyes....hope you're resting well tonight after a big day of walking in Mexico City and have a great time at Teotihuacan tomorrow. Love you!! xoxoxo