Southern California

After 12 and a half hours on a relatively good flight over (4 hours of nap time all up) our first stop was at our close family friends, Mark and Christine's in San Clemente. We were both jet lagged and sleep deprived, and the terrifying thought of tackling the 5 lane freeway didn't help the situation. But somehow Jacob got us there in one piece, despite everything being on the wrong side of the road.
We were able to rent an awesome Jeep for the next two weeks to fit into the Cali lifestyle of big and flashy cars.
It's only been a few days, but all in all California feels a lot like home, minus the many cute squirrels scampering around.


  1. Awesome first Cali post! Love the pics and you always rock at design. I want to paint that first pic and that jeep is pretty snazzy.
    Love you beautiful girl! Have fun at Balboa Park today ♥ xoxoxox

  2. It was so nice to see you two. We had a lovely time. I like the cactus shot. The shadows of the cactus on the wall makes it look surreal. The shot of Jacob makes it look like it was an amazing surf day, which it wasn't but still lots of fun. I went back out when I got to San Clemente, it was smaller but cleaner, and the water was even colder, brrrrrrh. Hope your having a great time in the Magic Kingdom! Mark